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The DFAK EU, or Decon First Aid Kit (EUROPEAN), is a tactical, self contained system that provides the operator with the necessary medical equipment to treat the most life threatening injuries consistent with a traditional trauma kit and the MARCH algorithm, but adds a secondary layer of treatment for decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) with the FAST ACT Mitt. The FAST-ACT® Individual Decontamination Mitt contains FAST-ACT® powder in a pad with a polyethylene backing that can be used to decontaminate a wide variety of chemical agents from various surfaces. The FAST-ACT® Decontamination Mitt is designated through CE mark and TGA certification as a Class 1 Non-Sterile Medical Device for an applicational dual-use for the decontamination of CWAs and toxic industrial materials on skin and surfaces. FAST-ACT® was tested on VX and HD CWA. Within 90 seconds FAST-ACT® removed over 99.9% of HD and VX and over 99.6% (detection limit) of GD from the surface. Over time the adsorbed agents were destroyed by FAST-ACT®. 

FAST-ACT® is CE marked and can be used directly on skin meaning no RSDL is necessary. 


For wet decontamination of CWAs, (2) Brutabs are contained in a mixing pouch designed to hold 48 ounces of water (not included) to create the optimal balance of decontamination liquid. 


DFAK EU Contents In Addition to DFAK Pouch Include

(1) SOFT-T Wide Tourniquet

(1) Combat Gauze

(1) HALO Chest Seal (Non Vented)

(1) Battle Wrap

(1) NPA 28FR with lube

(1) 5 inch Trauma Shears

(1) Pair of latex gloves

(1) Combat Casualty and Decontamination Instruction Card

(1) FAST-ACT® Mitt

(1) Hook Knife

(2) Brutabs with mixing pouch



  • FAST ACT is approved for skin decon in the EU.

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