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Spec War Classes Descriptions

Vehicle Counter Ambush Tactics (VCAT)

  • VCAT 1

    • Live fire class covering ambush style attacks on police officers in and around vehicles. Topics include vehicle egress under fire, vehicular points of cover, solo officer combatives and subject control, team vectoring upon arrival of back up officers.

  • VCAT 2

    • Advanced VCAT- course will build on previous techniques and challenge the officer in low light, injured officer, multiple vehicles and force on force environments. (VCAT 1 is a prerequisite for this course.)

  • VCAT 3

    • Course will cover apprehensions of of potential violent criminals and vehicle takedowns. (There are no prerequisites for this course.)

Injured Shooter

  • Course covering TTPs for an injured officer in a lethal force engagement. Students will incorporate support and dominant side firearm techniques, self care under fire and downed officer rescue.

Tubular Assault

  • Also known as linear assault, high risk entry techniques into buses, trains and other linear platforms.

Armored Vehicle Operations

  • Use of an armored vehicle in high risk environments including but not limited to barricaded subjects, officer and victim rescue, delivery of a tactical team and more.

Executive Protection Operations

  • This course covers low to medium risk operations in the protective security detail (PSD) space. Students will learn how to advance a site, protection formations and how to react for an attack on principle.

Multiple Attack Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC)

  • This is the next generation of active shooter response, students will learn dual officer response, small unit tactics, immediate action concepts and force on force validation.

Night Vision Operator

  • Students will develop operational use of NVGs, learn deconfliction under NVGs and develop skill to employ proper use of NVGs in a law enforcement setting. Students will work in teams and learn to communicate effectively in rural and urban settings. Course will conclude with force on force FTX (field training exercise.)

Rural Tactics

  • This course is designed to provide law enforcement officers and deputies with tactics and techniques when searching for or pursuing a suspect(s) on foot in open rural, suburban or rugged terrain.

Tactical Rope Access Course

  • TRAC is designed to provide participants with a deep understanding of rope access while operating in a small element. Personnel and equipment may be limited, however by following proven procedures and techniques, safe vertical access can be accomplished.

Low Light Operator

  • The purpose of this low-light close quarters battle course is to establish and then stress test the officers ability in the use of a tactical flashlight in all situations ranging from normal daily activities up to and including lethal force engagements.

Low Light Instructor

  • Instructor level class for LE Agency Firearm Instructors to then teach the tactics and techniques to their agencies officers.


  • Topics covered are door and window breaching as well as lock picking techniques. Course is open to active law enforcement personnel only to include patrol and SWAT officers.

Tactical Rifle/Pistol Operator (TRPO)

  • Tactical Rifle/Pistol Operator hones existing skills and introduces and builds upon advanced tactics and techniques to make the student and weapon system a more formidable opponent in a lethal force encounter.

RDS Handgun

  • RDS equipped handguns have specific skills, concepts and principles, this course is developed to fast track students away from traditional iron sights to RDS equipped handguns.

Blue on Blue Mitigation

  • This class is designed to equip students with the techniques, discipline and critical thinking required to engage a threat while under extreme duress and in the close proximity to fellow officers. Course fee is donated to NYPD Widows and Children’s Fund.

Emergency Bail Out

  • This course covers various methods and devices for LE, tactical narcotic type teams and SWAT to rapidly evacuate (bail out) from a building when above the first floor.

Building Searches For Patrol Officers

  • Focusing on the patrol officers function of searching for suspects in residential and commercial buildings, this course is designed to show students more effective and more efficient techniques for searches which are daily occurrences.

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