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Decontamination First Aid Kit


The DFAK, or Decon First Aid Kit, is a tactical, self contained medical system that provides the user with the necessary medical equipment to treat the most life threatening injuries consistent with a traditional trauma kit and the MARCH algorithm, but adds a secondary layer of treatment for decontamination of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and other toxic industrial chemicals with the FAST ACT Mitt. The FAST-ACT® Individual Decontamination Mitt contains FAST-ACT® powder in a pad with a polyethylene backing that can be used to decontaminate a wide variety of chemical agents from various surfaces. 


DFAK Contents In Addition to DFAK Pouch Include:

(1) SOFT-T Wide Tourniquet

(1) Combat Gauze

(1) HALO Chest Seal (Non Vented)

(1) Battle Wrap

(1) NPA 28FR with lube

(1) Trauma Shears

(1) Pair of nitrile gloves

(1) FAST-ACT® Mitt


  • FAST-ACT® is CE marked and approved for skin decon in the European Union and can be used directly on skin meaning no RSDL is necessary. (This statement has not be evaluated by the US FDA.)  The FAST-ACT® Decontamination Mitt is designated through CE mark and TGA certification as a Class 1 Non-Sterile Medical Device for an applicational dual-use for the decontamination of CWAs and toxic industrial materials on skin and surfaces. FAST-ACT® was tested on VX and HD CWA. Within 90 seconds FAST-ACT® removed over 99.9% of HD and VX and over 99.6% (detection limit) of GD from the surface. Over time the adsorbed agents were destroyed by FAST-ACT®. 

    FAST ACT Spec Sheet:


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