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The Spec War Solutions Car Kit


The SWS vehicle kit is a low visibility, high capability emergency first aid and trauma kit. Designed by special operations personnel, each kit component was chosen based on its functionality as well size to keep the kit as small as possible while keeping it the most capable in its class. Whether you’re driving the streets of Mogadishu in a low signature vehicle or your family SUV to the dog park, this head rest mounted kit draws little to no attention while keeping its functionality to the highest standards. 




SOFT-T Tourniquet

Combat Gauze

Frog Gauze

Battle Wrap Compression Wrap

Frog Tape

Water Gel Burn Dressing

Trauma Shears

NPA Airway with lube

Nitrile Gloves

BooBoo Kit (3 bandaids, 3 gauze pads, 3 antiseptic wipes)

CPR Shield

Russel Chest Seal

RISE Splint (Rigid Immobilization System for Extremities) 


Pouch and Headrest Mount

SWS Car Kit

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